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So, someone asked me how I got my Identity disc to dock on any T-shirt like that…

So here is a run-down (it’s actually really easy! and you don’t have to modify the disc AT ALL)

You’ll need:

1. One of the spinmaster Identity Discs, obviously

2. At least 12 6x3mm disc N52 Neodymium magnets (I suggest more than 12 in case you lose one, they are small little buggers) Neodymium magnets are also called rare earth magnets - they’re super strong for their size. in fact be careful with these, they can hurt you if they fly together and a piece of you happens to be in the way.

The magnets are easy to find on Ebay and generally really cheap. Make sure you get the N52 grade, a lower grade won’t work nearly as well.


So, I have my magnets, and here’s what I do :D


Look at the back of your disc - see the holes where the screws are? I actually figured this out completely by accident by clumsily dropping a magnet on the disc - it zipped for the screw hole. Grats, the screws are magnetic!


If you drop two magnets into the hole it becomes flush with the surface of the disc.


Do eet for all four screw holes.

Now all it takes is putting it on your shirt and putting a third magnet on the stack under the fabric.


There’s a magnet under there.

The N52s are so strong they’ll hang onto the metal screw in the disc, each other, and the third magnet through a T-shirt.

And there ya go! you didn’t have to open the disc or glue it or anything. :)


(huge images sorry XD)

I’m planning to wear my disc to the 4th of July carnival tomorrow, along with my EL wire. So I’ll get back to you on just how well the disc stays on :D Spoiler: I’m pretty confident.

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