Sensei of tank Cycling (apparently)

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-Tank size
-Species of fish
-Tank temperature
-Water parameters (ammonia, nitrite, nitrate)
-Treatments already administered if any

Anonymous asked:
How many common goldfish can be kept in a 200 gallon? (Sorry I became interested after seeing you helping another person with their goldies)

Two. The often quoted rule is 100 gallons per fish, they’re really pond fish and do best… in ponds. You could probably get away with three. But remember these are animals that grow up to 12 inches in size not including fins. They may start out as wee babies but man they get big.

Anonymous asked:
What silicon should i use for dividing a 10 gallon tank for betas. And where should i get the glass or plastic?
Anonymous asked:
Question. I'm worried my snails aren't getting enough to eat in the tank, so I was going to pull them out and put them in a Tupperware for a few hours with algae tabs and zucchini. I heard that cuttlebone is good for them too - can I just chuck a piece of it in with them? Since my tank doesn't have a filter (don't worry I do 50%+ water changes daily) I don't want to just throw all this stuff in there, hence why I'm pulling the snails out.

Sounds like a good idea to me. Cuttlebone is indeed good for them! helps their shells. They will kinda just eat it.

Anonymous asked:
betta log anon- thanks so much! So just to be clear it is ok if I don't do another water change even if it flaked a bit? Cuz tbh I have a lot of stuff to do today and I will do it if I have to but I would rather not do another water change today.

Yea it’s probably not a big deal you just wanna take it out so it doesn’t flake all over the place.

Anonymous asked:
I have a 10 gallon tank and one betta but I saw this beautiful rosy pink betta at the pet store today. I kinda wanna buy it but I have no idea how to divide a tank or what to do so I can have two in one 10 gallon tank. Idk tho I need to think seriously about whether I am actually going to go back and buy that lovely betta but I am thinking about it.

To divide the tank, you’d have to completely dismantle it, take all the water out, and let it DRY to silicone the divider in. Then the silicone has to set for 48 hours before you fill it with water again.

So it’s not really feasible to do in a tank that’s already set up - you’d have to put the current fish somewhere else during that time, and you’d likely trash your cycle.

My advice would be to either get another tank, or walk away.

Anonymous asked:
So for the past year I learned quite a bit about how to take care of bettas properly and saved up and bought everything to have a betta in a 5g while at college. I just finished cycling a tank for the first time (woohoo I did it!) and was about to get a betta when I found out I am getting surgery soon that will knock me on my back for about 5 months. Is there anything I can have in the tank instead? I have gravel but haven't done but fish but I love my setup. Should I just take it down?

You could just keep some easy live plants in it! No animals if you aren’t going to be able to do regular maintenance and water changes.

Gravel will limit your choice of plants a bit, since they don’t do well in gravel, but you could have easy stuff like anubias and marimo moss balls.


Common Goldfish Help!


okay so my moms goldies, im here now. so heres more details:
theyre two common comets in a 60g. she has aater comditioner and a HOB filter. everything looks great, but the fish are very lethargic. theyre about 22years old.
the problem is that they arent swimming, but kind of…

She was saying she had them for 15 years and they were in a pond for 8 years previously, but Im not sure.
She doesnt have a water tesing kit, but im trying to convince her to get one so can make sure. Theyre about 7 inches each.
She was saying the other fish got eaten by birds and stuff, so she rescued them and got a 60G.

If she doesn’t test her water, I would assume that’s the problem. Two large goldfish in a 60g are going to make a TON of waste, especially if they only have one HOB filter.  Again, they really should be in more like 200 gallons. Do a big water change right away -

Also the losing scales is worrysome, and may indicate another illness such as internal parasites. Have they ever been treated for flukes? (they should be treated once a year).

Common Goldfish Help!


okay so my moms goldies, im here now. so heres more details:
theyre two common comets in a 60g. she has aater comditioner and a HOB filter. everything looks great, but the fish are very lethargic. theyre about 22years old.
the problem is that they arent swimming, but kind of floating around, and when they do swim, they look unbalanced like one side is holding them down.
Also what i noticed was that theyre eating eachothers scales off. they used to be pure gold, but now they have pale specks and they were eating the scales.
ive actually have never heard of this kind of behavior and im not exactly sure what to do..

Are you SURE they’re 22? if they are, they’re getting toward the end of their life.

What are their actual water parms? Goldfish that old should be HUGE and really should be living in more like 200 gallons, not 60. I would guess their parms are out of control.

Anonymous asked:
Betta log anon - so the possible flaking happened after I did a pretty big water change today. Should I do another b/c of the flaking? Do I need to replace my betta log with somewhere else for my betta to hide and if so what do you recommend? Cuz I have two silk plants but he is in a 10 gallon.

Another water change can’t hurt but it’s probably not a huge deal. For cheap hides, terra-cotta pots are lovely as long as you plug up the hole!

Anonymous asked:
So my betta usually eats but sometimes he get in this weird mood where he can't find his food cuz he is too busy swimming around being weird and then it falls to the bottom. Yesterday this happened and I was trying to get it out with the gravel vacuum today and my betta saw it float up and ate it. Is that bad since it was sitting there overnight?

Probably not, I wouldn’t worry too much about it but in the future try to get uneaten food immediately out of the tank.

Anonymous asked:
Can betta logs like the kind they sell in petsplus or petsmart flake? I think something was coming off of mine when I scraped the inside of it by accident but I also have gravel and when you put gravel in you sometimes get like some gravel dusty stuff so I was wondering if that was it?

Yea, those have been known to flake. I’d get rid of it.

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(Sorry his color is weird, I had the hardest time - wtf is yellow on fish)

Anonymous asked:
I have a kinda weird problem. We inherited a betta and his see-through tetra friend when their shitty owner moved out and left them in a mug on the counter. We kept them together and they did fine, but the betta died a few months ago. So we've got the tetra in with our goldfish, which I know to be terrible. Should I put him in with one of my female (and super chill) bettas until we get a better set up and proper-species friends for him?

I’d get him into his own temporary container. Sterilite bins are really cheap and make great temp tanks.

Temporary Betta setups

That’s a Betta-oriented guide but its the same principle.

Anonymous asked:
What brand of root tabs do you use?

Osmocote root tabs. And flourish root tabs but I’m not gonna buy any more of those.