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-Tank size
-Species of fish
-Tank temperature
-Water parameters (ammonia, nitrite, nitrate)
-Treatments already administered if any

Anonymous asked:
Right now I have an internal filter and one say I want to switch to a sponge filter, how do I do that while keeping my cycle going? Is there a way to seed the sponge filter?

Not really, some sponge filters have an internal part you could stick the media in, but really you just have to shove the old media in next to it and hope for the best. OR run both filters at the same time - leave the internal filter running for 2-3 weeks after you put the sponge in, and the bacteria will colonize on the sponge too.


Jack has fin rot! :C I cleaned out his tank and changed the water, any other suggestions? He’s Spencer’s fish and I’ve not dealt with bettas before so I’m all ears!

Hi there! It looks like this Betta is in that … sort of hexagonal shaped kit? It’s actually too small for Betta - around 1.5 gallons I believe. In that, toxic ammonia would build up daily, and that ‘dirty’ water is what caused his fin rot.

You could treat him for it, BUT the treatment won’t help the underlying cause - that the tank he’s in is to small for him. He’ll just get fin rot again unless someone changes the water 100% daily.

Does he have a heater? Betta are tropical fish and without a heater they are immune-compromised and open to illness so again, unless the environment is fixed a treatment won’t help.

Here are some helpful links, including setting up a temporary tank for cheap!

Betta care sheet

How to set up a betta tank

Temporary Betta setups

Fin Rot treatment

Anonymous asked:
how can i rinse out my filter sponge without killing all the bacteria in it? my filter is always really dirty

Get a cup or bucket of used tank water and gently squeeze the sponge out in that. The bacteria will be fine through some squeezing, they’re sticky little dudes!

However NEVER use tap water - the bacteria don’t like chlorine very much.

Arjia has abruptly decided he’s going to bite the crap out of his fins.

I caught him chasing his own tail and biting at it this morning; it was actually interesting to watch since you so rarely actually catch them doing it. I tried to tap on the glass gently to stop him but no dice.

He’s already bitten it down pretty good. He was fine up until now - no more long finned betta for me. They will eventually decide to bite. Arjia and Radar will probably spend the rest of their lives with tattered fins and while that does not change my love for them, I’m not having any more betta that go through it.

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My roommate went there at the end of this summer, I think it is still open to visitors! Good point though.
Oh wow I am so jealous!
I’ll never have the means to go, so it’s kinda moot but aww yis jellies
Anonymous asked:
if you want to live with the jellyfish go to palau, the goldens at jellyfish lake have lost most of their stinging ability since they don't have any natural predators from being enclosed in a lake for so long!


I believe they closed it to tourists though, unfortunately the more people you let in there the more you’re distrupting their natural habitat.

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Do not live in the jelly you will leave sore
actually moon jellies aren’t all that effective on humans uvu; they just leave a bit of a rash. Not as bad as most jellies honestly. They’re trying. so hard. wee tentacles



*sighs longingly* I do love jellyfish.

Honestly moon jellyfish were the first animals that I ever loved. When I was a kid, they were the first animal I was ever interested in.

Back when I was in girl scouts (and I quit at age 11) we had a sleepover in an aquarium, and said aquarium had a huge…

…Have you seen the anime Princess Jellyfish?  Because not only is it adorable and hilarious, but it’s about a girl who loves jellyfish more than anything in the world, and what you were saying just then reminded me so much of the main character.  You should watch it — it’s on Netflix, if you have Netflix, and there are lots of jellyfish!  It’s way better than the name implies, I promise.

You’re the second person to recommend this to me so I may have to watch it uvu;

The JELLY TANK from the Omaha zoo I can’t believe I actually remember which aquarium it was but THIS IS IT, THIS IS THE THING *excited pointing*

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If you were a girl scout in Houston I was at that event I’m 100% certain
No where close /wheezes I think it was in Omaha actually. But you know girl scouts tend to all do the thing
… Yes just looked it up, the Omaha zoo Aquarium. Fuck I wanna go now


i was thinking about tattoo ideas and looking at my fish and thought “hey a fish footprint could be cool. cause people get dog and cat footprints why not a fish’

i can tell you exactly why not a fish

I choked on my soda laughing at this

numbz asked:
Have you heard of this jellyfish art thing? Apparently you can buy a 6 gallon aquarium and 3(ish) moon jellies for $300 and some for your desk. There's one available on ThinkGeek. I don't know much about the care of jellyfish, but I'm willing to bet that they take a lot more care than the people purchasing them are going to give. What are your thoughts?

Ah, yes, the desktop jelly tank. I’ve actually had long talks about it with a jelly keeper, so keep in mind some of this is secondhand information as I’ve never actually kept jellies. I could have some details wrong.

The tank… has the right idea… It is a cylinder (sideways but same thing), and that’s good. Jellyfish need cylindrical tanks (no corners!) because they’ll be caught in corners and die and they need a current constantly pushing them around. The pump in the tank pushes them in a circle in the cylinder. So that’s right…

But that’s where the good points end. The size is too small - for one or two juvenile (and I mean BABY) moon jellies, it would do. mayyyyybe. But it is harder to maintain proper parameters in something that small, and the jellies would eventually need to be upgraded. (It also pictures other fish in there which.. hahHAHAHA NO)

The gravel they give you also should NOT be used -  as I said before the jellies are pushed around the tank in a circle, so along the way they would snag on that gravel and be ripped to bits. Jelly tanks DO NOT NEED SUBSTRATE. In fact the jellies like I said can be hurt on it! They’ll be ripped up, they’re delicate little flowers uvu So none of that.

Jellyfish also NEED live, cultured food. They will NOT eat pre-packaged food. And it is a pain in the ASS to constantly culture a variety of foods for them, most of which are microscopic or almost microscopic.

And of course there’s water changes and cycling and maintenance which the product does not mention. And probably some other things I am forgetting.

But yea jellies are nooooot easy, they require specialized cylinder tanks and constant culturing of live food. They take up soooo much of your time, greedy babies. I’ve always wanted some but probably will never do it.

There are actually some reputable sites that sell specialized jelly tanks (round with a proper pump for good circulation) but you have to dig past all the ~~desktop~~ and ~~trendy pet~~ sites to find them.




I was always wanted a jelly tank but this puts it in such excellent & REALISTIC perspective. And if you want one of the legit ones and be able to constantly provide legit food… Be prepared to spend some serious time & $$$ ( worth it if you have the spare change but otherwise… Fugitabooteet)

Honestly jellies are always something I’ve wanted as well <3 I have a very special place in my heart for the little squishes, but, at least right now, I’d NEVER be able to handle their care. They need so much dedication, and I have a million other things in my life including five other pets. Nope, I’d never get jellies.

I saw a jellyfish habitat on Craigslist at one point, about 300 gallon cylendar with specialized pumps and such, going for 3000 dollars used, I could only imagine the price for a new one

YEP they are not cheap. Even on a SMALL jelly setup you’d be spending over a thousand dollars, easily.


Tiny pumpkin for tiny geck!!


Anonymous asked:
Hi! I'm thinking about getting a giant betta-a true giant as far as I can tell. What's the minimum tank size they need? The giant I'm looking at is four months old and 3.5 inches long. I have doubts that it would do well in half a divided ten, or even a ten.

Actually I don’t have that much experience with giant betta - any followers who would like to help this anon out?